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The Private Garden
Author: Oly TL



   Mists of the past…


   “We have already passed the critical threshold; I don’t—”

   “Stronger, I said!”

   “Very well, Mr. Sexton,” Lady Candice abdicates.

   For the umpteenth time, I urge her to increase the intensity of the electric shocks. Recalcitrant, she contemplates the electrodes scattered over my abs, groin, and thighs. Then her gaze with smoky outlines probes mine. She frowns, more and more destabilized. I don’t think she often loses her composure in this kind of context.

   “It’s not enough,” I repeat to her.

   Here’s the deal. I’m half naked in bed; shirt open, no more suit jacket or tie, no more pants, shoes, or socks. Just my boxers, my erection, and those damn electrodes that send nothing but shit. My “lady” activates the control box. Is that all she’s got?


   “No,” she replies.

   “I thought you were the toughest. Am I wrong?”

   Her face puts on her usual sitting expression. Even if she loses it a little too often these days with me. Damn, this is the last one on the list of those recommended to me! At this point, she is proving to be as disappointing as the previous ones.

   And yet, perched on her black stilettos, molded in her vinyl sheath, Candice stands up to me. She runs her tongue over her crimson lips and readjusts her fake glasses on her nose.

   Does this accessory make her look like a stern and horny schoolteacher? Yes.

   Is that enough for me? No. I want more, damn it!

   As time passed, my patience wore thin, and my frustration was soaring.

   “Have I misjudged your skills, Lady Candice?”

   “No. But it’s also my job to take responsibility when you put your life at risk during a session on purpose, Tiger,” she says to me.

   “Tiger? And are we on familiar terms now?”

   “Look, I… I think we should stop, Mr. Sexton.”

   Right now, I’m one step away from panicking internally. My last resort is dropping the case too. It’s been two years since I…

   Damn it!

   “Why?” I reply in a calm tone.

   On the surface, I am. In the background, the turmoil is unleashed.

   “You… You know that very well, Mr. Sexton.”

   “No, enlighten me, Candice. We have an agreement; you’re not going to give up after a few pathetic sessions,” I argue.

   Our eyes lock, and I run my fingers through my messy hair.

   “I knew that your requirements were more demanding… Even though I have been doing this job for a while, I am still a woman, and I know who you are, just like the rest of the country does.”

   “And who am I?”

   “Tiger Sexton.”

   “Okay… Since when is that a problem?”

   “It becomes a problem when ‘the 19-year-old, head of one of the world’s biggest fortunes’ pushes me to fuck him up! This trend gets worse every night. You ask me to go too far, always too far.”

   I straighten up, tear off the electrodes and get out of bed. Grabbing the bottle of vodka that I had started, I take a sip. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and stare at the one who obviously forgets who is paying the other to satisfy him.

   “No,” I say calmly. “You’re supposed to be a pro, and I’m the client. It’s just a transaction. S & M fucking and boundaries. I know my limits; my name and money have nothing to do with it.”

   She turns in circles, then finally borrows my bottle for a drink.

   “Exactly,” Candice says gently, handing me back the bottle. “You’re playing a dangerous game, Mr. Sexton. Even if you don’t want to physically dominate your sexual partners, I wonder which of us is subject to the will of the other here.”

   With a smirk, I grab her by the waist and slam her against me.

   “You love to hurt, and I’m paying you a fucking fortune to hurt me. It’s a win-win situation, right?”

   “Loving being bullied for a hard-on is one thing,” she argues. “And, yes, I love how intense it is with you.”

   I like this version better… Our breaths come closer. My groin contracts.

   “So, everything is cool.”

   “Not really… Not knowing where and when to stop is a real problem,” insists Candice against all odds.

   And despite her dilated pupils, all these warning signs normally announce a feverish body to body.

   “Tiger…” she complains.


   “Are you listening to me?”

   “My cock is very attentive. How about, as you say, we make this night more intense instead of just talking? You choose how you want to correct me, and I’ll take care of the cursor.”

   I nibble her on the neck. Candice sighs; she seems to hesitate, about to give in. Unfortunately, the next second she shakes her head and slowly pulls away.

   “One of us is going to have to be more mature and responsible,” she says. “Otherwise, this will end badly. You’re young, too young, so it’s me, with my few extra years… even if I don’t look like it, who’s going to have to control all this,” Lady Candice concludes with a sexy pout.

   My smile widens.

   “We agree on one point: you don’t look older, and anyway, age doesn’t matter as long as we are all adults. Besides, my experience level more than makes up for it. No?”

   “Yes, I realized that very quickly.”

   Her lips quirked into a smile, and desire could be seen in her eyes, but she controlled herself for good.

   “I also noticed something else…” she adds.

   No need to talk, I understand what she is implying, so I interrupt her and try to negotiate differently, “The deal stays the same, my lady; I said it, I set my own limits, and you have free rein on the… technical aspect. That was the deal.”

   “Right, only the more it goes, the more I realize we are on a slippery slope. I’m not going to electrocute you, Tiger! Even if all this unbearable pain for my most masochistic submissives makes you fuck like crazy afterward, I’m starting to get scared. And that makes me trip less.”

   Cornered, I try not to panic.

   “Don’t fucking do this!”

   “I have to. Damn, look at your body. Your fists are constantly banged up. You’re covered in bruises, but you want more. It’s getting toxic, dangerous. For you. And for me.”

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