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Death (The Horsemen #1)
Author: Lila Rose


Chapter One





Stepping out onto my front porch, I moved over to where the afternoon sun hit the boards to warm my back while I leaned against the railing. The noise of an approaching vehicle had me twisting to see a moving van coming my way.

“Fuck,” I muttered when it stopped out front of the house next door. Annoyance twisted my gut as I took a long pull of my beer and placed it on the railing. Crossing my arms over my chest, I straightened and planted my feet apart while glaring at the vehicle of doom.

I already semi-liked the people I had in the neighborhood. I didn’t want someone new to deal with. A moving van meant things could change. If I couldn’t control that change, my skin itched.

Who the fuck would it be?

I enjoyed the peace I had around the place. No one had pissed me off yet. Hell, we hardly talked, which was what I liked the most. My neighbors on the other side were an older married couple who traveled a lot. Their place was always quiet. Across the road, opposite me, was a single guy, a bit younger than me, but we had an understanding of not getting in each other’s faces when we had gatherings. And God fucking knew my brothers could get rowdy. To the left of him was a lady in her eighties who was mostly deaf. To the right was a younger couple, but they were far enough away that I didn’t know much about them, and they were the same with me.

Yeah, I’d get some side glances when they were outside if I was taking off on my ride, but it was never a look of fear or concern about having a guy from a motorcycle club on the street.

Things were good.

Would this new fucker mess that up?

They’d better not. And no offense to kids, but I goddamn prayed that whoever moved in didn’t have a tribe of them. I loved my sleep too much to be woken by a baby or kids running crazy and being loud.

I was just too damn old for change. Selfish.

A groan slipped free before I ground my teeth together when a small red car pulled up behind the truck. Arms waved around inside it. Looked like two people. Women, maybe.

The driver side door got flung open, and out popped a curvy blonde woman who appeared in her late thirties. Her laughter rang across the way as she raced ahead of one of the moving guys.

“Sorry. So sorry. I was supposed to be here but got distracted, and then my car decided to have a fit.” She jumped up the steps to the porch and quickly unlocked the front door, swinging it free and shifting out of the way. “I’ll be in there shortly to tell you where to put things.” With a bright smile, she raced back to the car and opened the passenger door to help a younger version of herself out of the car.

That chick had a cast on her leg. She was only a little different from the first woman, slightly slimmer and shorter, but if I was to guess, they’d have to be sisters.

Would they be a problem?

Christ, I hoped not.

My door opened, and Bethany stepped out with a satisfied, sultry smile. She pulled her handbag strap over her shoulder as she swayed her hips over to me. “I have to go, honey.”

I grunted and watched her hands slide up my chest. “Had fun, babe. Call me when you’re in town next.”

Her smile grew. “Oh, I will.” She lifted up and pressed her mouth to mine. I didn’t take it deep, leaving it as a quick peck. “Until next time,” she called over her shoulder as she made her way down the path to the car that pulled up.

Goddamn, I loved flight attendants. Somehow, in my luck, I’d stumbled across a bar that was situated close to the airport where employees hung out. Never would have guessed how quickly I was swarmed by women, and some men, after walking in there with my cut on. What I liked most about hostesses was that they had nothing to do with the club. It was drama-free fucking because they weren’t in town for long. And those of them who were, well, most of them didn’t want a long-term relationship.

They wanted what I did: a quick, easy, hard fuck.

I tipped my chin up at her. “Later, gorgeous,” I called before she climbed in.

I shifted my gaze from the leaving vehicle back to next door, narrowing my eyes at both women who stood on their path watching me.

The younger one had a small smile and blushing cheeks. The older one waved crazily and said loudly, “Hi, I guess we’re your new neighbors. I’m Raya, and this is my younger sister, Wrenley.”

It was too early to be a dick in case they were decent women. But I also needed to keep my distance because I preferred not to get close to neighbors. Didn’t have time to help with lifting or fixing anything.

With a chin lift, I made my way to my door. “Hey. Name’s Death.” Opening the screen door, I entered and waited, knowing it was bound to come.

“Did he say Death?” her sister asked, tone a little softer than the older one.

“He did.”

“Do you think that’s an omen?”

Rolling my eyes, I chuckled low.

Raya snorted. “What? You think he’s going to come kill us in our sleep because his name is Death?”

“Ah, maybe. I mean, no. I don’t know.” She sounded apprehensive.

“Wren, you don’t need to worry. Didn’t you see his biker vest?”

Why would her sister worry? Not that I cared. I didn’t.

“I didn’t take notice. I was too busy being jealous over his long hair.”

Seemed like a lie to me.

Raya laughed lightly. “Come on. Let’s get you inside so I can help the movers.”

“And I’m still really sorry I can’t help.”

More laughter rang out. “Yeah, you totally sound sorry.”

Walking into the kitchen, I admitted to myself that I couldn’t deny the older one was all-right-looking. But there was no way in hell I’d sleep with a blonde again, especially one who lived next door. That’d be a disaster waiting to happen.

I’d stick with the ones I regularly hooked up with. I liked my life. I enjoyed the time I had with the women who frequented my bed, but I also preferred my space as my own. And yeah, for a while, I’d been jealous of what my brothers had with finding their one and only, but not enough to search for my own. Hell, as far as I knew, searching wouldn’t work anyway. The brothers had found their better halves with time and acquaintances or work.

My day would come.

For now, I’d stick to what I knew I liked and fucking enjoy it.

Just when I’d made myself something to eat, my phone rang.

“Torch,” I greeted the brother.

“Brother, problem at the security office that needs your attention.”

“Fuck. What type of problem?”

“A certain actor wants your attention, and he ain’t leaving until he sees and talks with you.”

“You’re fuckin’ with me?”

He chuckled. “Nope.”

“Fuck me.” This was just what I needed after realizing today was the day for new neighbors. A house that’d been sold what seemed like ages ago, but no one had moved in. Why now? Not that it mattered since I had other issues to deal with.

“Where’s Rule and Boss? Why aren’t they on him?”

“They are, but this guy wants to talk to the man in charge and won’t say why, no matter who asks.”

Jesus Christ. I knew this fucker was going to be trouble when I first met him. He was young, but that wasn’t it. For me, it was that he acted entitled, wanting more. More people fawning over him. More people listening, to control.

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