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Craving His Touch (Brie's Submission #26)
Author: Red Phoenix


Morning Greeting



Brie woke early and turned her head, surprised to find Sir staring at her. He lay with his head on his pillow, a sexy smile slowly spreading across his lips. “Morning, babygirl.”

She grinned in response. “Good morning, Sir.”

Although Brie had woken up beside him ever since she’d become his collared submissive years ago, she was still as captivated by the man as she had been that first day when she met him at the tobacco shop.

She loved that chiseled jaw, those deep, soulful eyes, and his sexy lips that knew how to please and tease every part of her body.

“I don’t have much time because I have to get ready for a conference call with a client in India, but I’d like to start your morning with an orgasm. Think you can come in five minutes, babygirl?”

Surprised by the sexy offer, Brie was totally game to try and answered playfully, “I will do my best, Sir.”

“Look into my eyes, téa.”

The moment he called her by her pet name, she was putty in his hands. Looking into those captivating eyes, Brie gladly opened her legs to him, moaning softly when she felt his fingers brush against her clit.

Even though he only had a few precious minutes, Sir did not rush. Drawing out her desire with the gentle strokes of his fingers, he swiftly made her wet before he began rubbing her clit more intensely.

Sir’s touch had always had a profound effect on Brie. It felt like lightning in a bottle. That, combined with the intimacy of gazing into his eyes and seeing the look of desire for her, made her whole body hum in anticipation of a tender climax.

He slowly inserted his finger into her pussy and leisurely swirled it against her G-spot. Her inner muscles immediately tightened, and she felt the first faint pulse of an impending climax. Moaning with more passion, she opened her legs wider, welcoming the tingling feelings that washed over her.

Glancing at the clock, she smiled. With a full minute to spare, Brie let out a little gasp of pleasure as her pussy began pulsing rhythmically against his finger.

“That’s my good girl…” he murmured, nuzzling her neck.

Her climax had been sweet, like the gentle kiss of a breeze.

“Thank you, Master. What a beautiful way to begin my day.” Stretching in the bed, she purred in satisfaction and asked, “May I make you a cup of coffee as thanks?”

“That would be greatly appreciated, babygirl,” Sir replied, winking at her before he rolled out of bed.

Brie couldn’t help but stare at his fine, muscular ass as he walked to the bathroom.

“I love that man…” she said out loud.

Throwing off the covers, she grabbed her robe, tying the sash tight, before heading out of the bedroom. As the coffee was brewing, Sir joined her, already showered and dressed in a three-piece suit. Although he worked from home, Sir always dressed in formal attire for work. He’d explained once that it put him in the right mindset for the day ahead, much like a uniform would for an athlete.

Brie certainly had no complaints! She considered herself extremely lucky that suits were his uniform of choice. She had a serious weakness for them because business suits made a man look sexy and powerful.

Sir nodded to her before disappearing into his office and shutting the door. Once the coffee was finished brewing, Brie poured the liquid gold into Sir’s coffee cup. He was extremely picky about the type of coffee he drank, insisting it must be the same Italian brand that his father always drank.

As for Brie, she loved the flavor of the coffee. It was a delicious blend of aromatic beans that created a deep caramel-like flavor. While Sir took his coffee black because he preferred to taste the rich flavor of the beans, Brie enjoyed a little splash of cream in hers because she felt it enhanced the flavor.

Quietly opening his office door, she walked in and placed his cup on the desk, making sure not to disturb him during his video conference as he spoke to his newest client.

Sir smiled at her, nodding his thanks as she turned to leave.

Brie then headed upstairs to check on the children and was delighted to find both still sleeping soundly. Thrilled to have a little time to herself, Brie walked back to the kitchen and poured herself a big mug of coffee.

Heading out back, she held her steaming mug in both hands and purred. Captivated by the warm colors of predawn, she listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Curling her legs underneath her in the patio chair, Brie allowed herself to bask in this rare moment of peace…

Production on her second documentary was starting to rev up, leaving relaxing moments like this few and far between.

Taking another sip, she savored the rich caramel flavor and closed her eyes, sighing in contentment. But her eyes suddenly popped open and she let out a surprised yelp when she felt something wet and cold press against her knee.

Looking down, Brie was astonished to see Little Sparrow gazing up at her, wagging her tail.

“You scared the beejeebies out of me, girl!” Brie laughed, reaching down to pet the dog’s soft fur. “I have missed you more than you know.”

The dog wagged her tail more vigorously as she leaned into Brie’s hand, begging for more pets. Little Sparrow held a special place in Brie’s heart because of the vital role the dog had played in saving Rytsar Durov’s life. The sweet dog had also helped Faelan when his heart was shattered after he lost Kylie during the birth of their daughter.

Brie scratched Little Sparrow behind the ears, cooing softly. “Do you know how very special you are?”

The dog jumped up to lick Brie on the cheek. Giggling, Brie wiped the wetness from her face. Carefully setting her mug down, she told Little Sparrow, “I’d better get you back to your master. I don’t want him to worry about you.”

Brie felt a thrill of excitement as she headed to Rytsar’s beach house just down the shore from theirs. The place had been empty for far too long while Rytsar dealt with things in Russia. During those extended months, whenever Brie looked at the darkened house, it made her heartsick for him. So, to protect herself from falling into a depression, she’d purposely avoided looking at the beach house at all during his long absence.

Thankfully, the house was full of life again now that Rytsar had returned. Her heart raced as she ran up to the front door and rang his doorbell. Brie fully expected Maxim to answer, but she was greeted by the sadist himself, bare-chested and as hot as ever!

“Radost moya, what are you doing here so early in the morning?”

Brie pointed to his dog. “I found Little Sparrow wandering through our backyard.”

Rytsar smirked. “She was not wandering. I sent Vorobyshek to fetch you.”

Brie laughed as she patted the top of Little Sparrow’s head. “Is that so?”

“It is,” he answered in a mischievous tone. “I noticed you sitting outside and commanded her to bring you to me.”

Brie raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Why would you do that?”

His voice held a hint of mystery when he told her, “You and I must talk.”

Rytsar opened the door wider, gesturing for Brie to enter. Glancing back at her own house, she asked, “Will this take long?”

“Da,” he answered solemnly.

“Then I need to call Sir. I don’t want him to worry after everything we’ve been through.”

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