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Bound to Deception(6)
Author: J.L. Beck

When she stays quiet, I climb off the bed and leave her whimpering through tears. I’ll give her a minute to decide to talk while I discuss the development with Kai. I grab my phone from my suit jacket and turn to face her while the call connects.

“Why are you calling me so late?” Kai’s voice cuts through the phone.

“Someone tried to drug me tonight.”

All sleep is gone now. “Who?” he demands.

“Surprisingly, a pint-size prostitute working in the casino club. I noticed her move and switched the glasses. I’m concerned about these particular drugs being on our streets.”

His tone is all business now, and I hear him typing in the background. “Why? What are they doing to her? I assume you have her in your custody, or you wouldn’t be calling to talk to me about it.”

The long line of her leg keeps drawing my eye. The drugs must be kicking in for me now. My hard-on remains from earlier, so I can’t really tell the difference. “The drug is an aphrodisiac. It makes you crazy for sex.”

Kai huffs into the receiver softly. “Did you consider maybe she drugged you because she wanted to ride your dick?”

I roll my eyes. “Don’t fuck with me, man. I’m not in the mood. Women like her don’t want men like me.”

His laughter fades slowly, and I wait until he’s done ribbing me. “Fine. Did you get any other information?”

“Yes, our friends, the Capri family, at least this particular off-shute, has started something of a designer drug business.”

Silence answers me, and I nod. Who’s laughing now, motherfucker? “Kai, you there? You understand what I’m saying?”

“Of course, I fucking understand what you’re saying. Those council bitches used some kind of drugs on both Michail and me. Could they have come from the Capris?”

Cilla arches on the bed again, trying to touch herself, but she can’t reach. No matter how many times she fails, she keeps trying. Admirable, I suppose.

“Maybe. The girl who tried to drug me is the daughter of an illegitimate Capri heir. So Sal’s uncle, maybe? How many of these bastards do we have to kill to get them all gone?”

“You still have her?”

I nod, my eyes on her, and then answer. “Yes. She’s tied to my bed at the moment.”

“You didn’t…”

“Fuck you, asshole. I’ve been interrogating her, but I didn’t fuck her, if that’s what you’re asking. I may be a fucking crazy bastard, but I’m not one of them.”

With that, I click my phone off and toss it on the couch. My anger rides hot up my throat until all I can think about is smashing things, breaking them open, tearing, shredding, destroying.

I pace back and forth across the width of my room like a lion in a cage. Shit. I need to get out of here before I hurt her, or worse, myself, and leave her like this.

I grab a knife off the table and saw at her bonds in quick swipes. They come loose, and she launches herself at me the second she’s free. My knife is up to her throat before I can think about it.

She doesn’t seem to care, pressing into the cold steel, a line of red parting her skin as her mouth trails over my jaw and down to my neck.

Something about her mouth on my skin quiets the cold fury Kai built inside me. Turning the solid block of ice in my chest into something molten. But it doesn’t matter. I won’t fuck her while she’s on these drugs. I told Kai I’m not one of them…those people who’ve used us, degraded us, shamed us. I won’t be one of them.

I gently ease her back and strip off her bra in one swipe.

“Please,” she begs.

I lift her up, and her legs go around my waist automatically. “Come on, Malyshka, let’s see if the shower can cool us both down.”

I stand us both under the nozzle, turn the handle to cold, and start the spray. She squeaks in my arms and clings to me. After a moment, she blinks down at me, her makeup running down her cheeks. “That’s fucking cold. What the fuck?”

I shrug and let the water try to wash away some of the heat roaring inside me. It won’t abate while I’ve got my hands curled around the soft globes of her bare ass or while her tits are so close to licking distance.

This has to be the drugs. I have control over my body, at least sexually.

I drop her to the shower floor, and she glances down. “You’re still wearing your boots and your pants.”

Fuck. I’d forgotten. I give her some space in my massive shower and rip my boots off. The image of her grinding against them hits me all over again. Then I shuck my pants and kick them away.

Her eyes fly to my achingly hard dick as I grasp it. When she licks her lips, I almost give in. Almost. “Just let me take the edge off. Just a little bit. Please.”

I squeeze myself a moment and then release my grasp. She steps forward, but I tug the showerhead out of its socket and hand it to her. “Go to town, sweetheart.”

Something like hurt flashes in her eyes, but I don’t let it get to me. I pass behind her and out of the shower to grab a towel. I don’t need to look back to know she’s taken my advice and come hard in seconds.

“It won’t help,” she says, her voice echoing in the bathroom.

I face her again. “What do you mean?”

“It has to be sex, penetrative sex, or the edge never goes away.”

“You can’t wait it out?”

She grabs a towel from the stack, her shoulders slumped in defeat. “Eventually, but I can’t survive for days like this.”

I stalk out of the bathroom and head to my closet. Inside, I snag a box, pull out what I’m hunting for, and throw it on the bed. “Have at it, Malyshka. You still haven’t earned my cock. No matter how much I want to use it.”









I stare at the light flesh-toned dildo he’d thrown on the bed so haphazardly. And I hated that my pussy clenched on nothing from just the sight of a rigid cock. It’s not the fake dick I want. Even though he’d been nothing but an asshole since I walked in the door. Not that I don’t deserve it. A hot wash of guilt rolls through my chest, and I clutch the towel tighter above my breasts. I refuse to beg him again. Even with the drugs scorching my body from the inside out, I won’t beg him again.

He looks between me and the dildo pointedly. I can hear him saying you are the one who wanted to fuck so badly. Smug fucking bastard. He might be a brute, but I don’t think he’d genuinely hurt me. As evident by my still being alive. I expected a gun to the head once he discovered the drugs.

I march to the bed and let my towel fall to the floor. His eyes track from my face slowly—so slowly—down my neck to my breasts, my belly, my neatly trimmed pussy. “See something you like?”

Without answering, he continued his perusal of my naked body like he had all the time in the world. It would wait for him to look his fill. Maybe the world would wait, but right now, I won’t. Not with my face burning red and my body on fire.

I snatch the dildo from the mussed covers and flex my fingers around it. It’s a nice quality toy, I’ll give him that. I throw him a smirk. “Buy this for yourself, did you? You seem to like them big.”

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