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Bound to Deception(5)
Author: J.L. Beck

He’s still hovering over me, his gaze locked on my face. “We aren’t done here yet. I wonder what you’ll do or tell me if I offer you my cock. Or maybe I’ll just fuck that pretty little mouth of yours and forgo your cunt altogether.”

I whimper, and he brings his thumb to my lips and presses between them. I suck deep, locking my gaze on his. He might be toying with me, but if he puts his dick in my mouth, it won’t be the only thing he wants from me.

“Tell me where the drugs are.”

I let him slide his thumb from my mouth and shake my head. “I bought them tonight. I don’t know where the stash is.”

“No, the ones you had on you, or did you put everything in that glass?”

I blink, terrified to tell him the truth. What will he do with the rest of the drugs? Shit. I can’t take much more if he tries to force them down my throat…

I cry in earnest now until he shushes me gently. “It’s okay, Malyshka, rest. I’ll find them myself. It’s not like you were wearing much, to begin with.”

It takes everything I have to lift my head and watch him gather the dress I’d been wearing. In seconds, he tugs the tiny plastic wrapper from the pocket I’d sewn into the dress myself. He brandishes it at me. “You didn’t even try to hide them. Did you think I’d make an easy mark?”

I shake my head and drop back again, needing to look anywhere but at his devastatingly beautiful face. In my mind, he’s the angel of death.

“No,” I whisper. “I thought you’d just kill me, and it would all be over. I’d finally be free.”









Of course, the fucking Capri family would come up with something so disgusting. I couldn’t even consider all the ways they would use something like this. Outside of apparently attempting to honey trap grown men.

I open the package and try to sniff it without pulling any of the fine white powder into my nose. It’s sweet, like baby powder. No fucking thanks.

Cilla is still writhing on the bed, both needing to be touched and trying to free herself from my bonds. It’s useless, she’s wasting her energy either way, but I stalk back to her side and hold the package out. “What do you know about this drug?”

She moans and rolls her hips, her lower body naked and on full display, but she doesn’t care in this state. If I were a nice person, I’d cover her up, but she should have learned before she tangled with me that nothing is nice here. No mercy. No tenderness. Nothing but hard edges to slam your face against.

I grab her chin and hold her face still, forcing her to stare into my eyes. “Tell me what you know about this.”

She gasps again and pants. “He calls it SOS. Sex on a stick. He’s tested it thoroughly.”

I keep my gaze locked with hers and hear what she didn’t add at the end of that statement. On me…

“Did he lock you up? Give you relief?”

Something shifts behind her eyes. A darkness I can relate to. Finally. Something we have in common. “Not him, no. He threw me to his guards, his scientist, to let me beg them. Let them use me when I couldn’t say no.”

“Please,” she begs. Under any other circumstances, I might have given her what she wanted. Not like this. Not after she tried to drug me. Would she have stood over me while I begged her?

I crouch beside the bed and run my finger up her arm from her wrist. She shifts toward me, pulling the stockings, even as they tighten on her skin so hard they are leaving indentations.

“What else can you tell me about this? Is this the only drug your family makes?”

Her eyes are heavy, and she keeps twisting, trying to get closer. “No. He has many clients, and he designs drugs for them all.”

The only way this despicable member of Sal’s family could have stayed under the radar was if he had kept well out of the Doubeck territory. But now, with all the power changes in the councils, finding a place we didn’t touch was getting harder and harder.

I slip my finger into the pouch, coating it in the drug. When I hold it up to the light, she whimpers, tears pouring down her cheeks in streams. “Please. No. Don’t. I can’t take anymore.”

This time I met her eyes and slid my finger into my mouth along my gum line. It tasted sour, not anything like it smelled. How long would it need to work?

She watches me, eyes wide. “What did you just do? You can’t…”

I close the packet and toss it over to the bar. Then I grab another bottle of water, bring it to the bed, and help her drink. “I must say, Malyshka, this is one of the more enjoyable interrogations I’ve conducted. Do you think you’ve earned my hand this time?”

She thrashes on the bed and stills, a feral smile splitting her lips, making her look almost as mad as I am. “You won’t be able to hold back once it hits your system. Just wait. You’ll be on me like the beast you are any minute now.”

I nod and stand. “Beast, is it? Well, I’m glad to finally know what you truly think of me. Shall we continue?”

Circling to the end of the bed, I press my hands to the comforter and stare up the line of her body. I wish I’d freed her tits before I tied her up, but that could be for later. “What is this like? Explain it to me.”

She moans. “It’s like…I’m on the edge of an orgasm and can’t push myself over. Like my body is begging for it, but it just slips away, out of reach.”

“And when I touch you, how does that help?”

I slide my hand over her delicate ankle and up the back of her smooth calf. “It takes some of the edge off. Like maybe that orgasm isn’t so unattainable after all.”

Gently, I continue up the back of her thigh. “Any touch?”

She nods frantically, biting her lip.

I ease my fingers off her soft, smooth skin and wait for her to wriggle again. Each tug on the bonds is an effort to get to me, to stimulate herself in some way. “One more question for now. Why did you target me?”

She blinks, her hazy eyes going clear for a heartbeat. “No.”

I stand and cross my arms over my bare chest. “No?”

While she presses her lips together to keep herself from speaking, she tries to do the same with her thighs, unsuccessfully.

“I won’t tell you. You’re an asshole.”

I chuckle. “That’s not news to me, Malyshka. I’ve always been an asshole.”

Lightning fast, I move between her spread thighs. She freezes, and I blow a line of cold air on her seeping wet center. She gives me a guttural moan, a noise that reaches inside me and takes hold. “Oh, you could come if I just did that and nothing else. Couldn’t you?”

She tilts her hips up, inviting me to touch her.

“Not so fast. Tell me what I want to know…why did you choose me as your target?”

“You’re not married,” she grates out through clenched teeth.

That’s too easy of an answer for how much she resisted. “I think that’s only partially true. What else? What weakness could I have shown you to make you think you could get to me?”

I blow another line of cool air on her overheated skin. She claws at the bedding in response and spreads her legs wider. “Tell me, and I’ll do it again.”

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