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Bound to Deception(3)
Author: J.L. Beck

“All right, Malyshka, you have my attention. What’s your plan now?”

She saunters closer and grabs my dress shirt right above my belt. “The plan is to get you naked as quickly as possible, so I can have my way with you.”

I stare down into her soft brown eyes and try to figure out where she is going with this. If her plan was to drug me to seduce me, then it’s a pretty good way to fucking piss me off instead. “And what does that entail?”

She huffs with a soft laugh. “You want me to spell it out step by step.”

I shrug and undo the buttons at the top of my shirt while she works the bottom. “If you like.”

Her mouth turns down into a grim line for a heartbeat, then tips back up at the edges. “Well, first, I want to get you out of these clothes. Then…maybe we can move over to the bed. Although, it looks like we might have to move your machete out of the way to use it.”

I nod solemnly. “Safety first, yes?”

She jolts and blinks. “Was that a joke?”

I give her nothing as I slide the shirt off my shoulders and toss it onto my jacket. The tie I had on goes with it. Her hands fly up to my belt buckle, and I grab her wrists. “What else do you have planned?”

I love the slight tremor of fear she gives me. Her entire body quakes with just this tiny touch. What would she do if I laid her facedown over the end of my bed and ate her pussy until she screamed? Her soft, throaty voice would sound so good screaming for me.

Her hands flutter against my buckle, and I release her to continue her work. My cock is already hard at what I’m imagining doing to her. What could she be thinking about?

After she releases my belt and pulls it out of my pants, she meets my eyes again. “You want the gory details or the headlines?”


“Mmm…you seem like that kind of guy. Well, once we are both naked and safely on the bed, I plan to press my wet pussy down over your rock-hard dick and ride you like a goddamn pony.”

I picture this situation in my mind and don’t hate it. Well, I wouldn’t if she hadn’t tried to drug me. The drugs should be kicking in at any moment. The nail polish on my finger lit up bright, so she put a lot in that drink.

She opens my pants, and I allow her to slide her hand in to rub over my erection. “Oh, I see we are already making progress.”

Her eyes have gone a little glassy, and she pumps her hand down my length harder. “You feel so warm and good.”

I continue to monitor her. She doesn’t seem to be sleepy or falling over. Then she bites her bottom lip and closes her eyes as she strokes me over my boxer briefs.

Oh. She tried to drug me with some kind of aphrodisiac. It makes sense.

She rubs me harder, and I close all the distance between us. “Baby. Why don’t you take your clothes off too?”

Her eyes fly open, and she nods. “Yes, this dress is so itchy and hot. I want it off. Get it off me now, please.”

I turn her and tug the zipper so she can strip the sequined scrap off her body and leave it puddled on the floor.

The soft curve of her spine tempts me, and I don’t try to resist as I trail my index finger down the length of her body until I reach her ass.

Her lingerie is black lace, a full garter belt, and everything. She certainly came to make an impression. “What now, Malyshka?”

She starts for the bed and then stops in the middle of the room. I catch the edge of a muffled curse. Then she spins to face me, a fake smile spreading her mouth wide. “You know, I should go. This was probably a dumb idea. I’ll get fired…”

I watch her as she snags her dress off the floor and rushes to the door. There’s no way out now. She fumbles with the latch and the lock, managing to get the latch off before I snag her around the waist and rub my erection against her firm, round ass.

She braces her hands flat on the door and moans.

The sound of it sears me, but I won’t do much more than this. At some point, when the drugs have fully taken hold of her, she’ll beg for mercy.

Then learn…I don’t have it in me.

“Back to the bed, baby. You were telling me what you were going to do to me.”

She cuts off a strangled sound and turns to look at me. Her eyes are full-on hazy now, she’s listing to the side, but her nipples are puckered, begging for my teeth.

Just a taste. A tiny one. I lean in and capture the stiff peak of her right nipple through the lace. She arches into me and clutches my head tighter to her chest. I scratch my stubble over the upper curve of her breast as I move to the other side and do the same.

This time she huffs out an impatient breath. “I need you inside me. Right now.”

I take a moment to drag the honeycomb scent of her into my lungs. Let it fill me up because this is all I’ll allow myself of her. I straighten and tug her toward the bed. “Sit, please, get comfortable. I’m not going to fuck you against the suite door. This time at least.”

A pink flush hits her cheeks and spreads down her neck over the tan top of her tits. She’s straining against the lace, panting, as the drugs take hold of her body and turn it against her.

“Bed,” she whispers. “Right.”

I kneel slowly and sit her down, and unbuckle the straps of her heels. Each of her toes is painted a soft pastel sort of pink. Without her shoes, her feet don’t even touch the floor from the edge of my bed. She’s so tiny. How would she even be able to take me? I’d break her open and enjoy it.

She wiggles her toes and arches her back. “That’s better, thank you.”

“Do you want another drink?”

“Water, please.”

I leave her on the bed and cross the room to grab a couple of bottles of water out of the mini refrigerator. She’s kneading the covers with her hands and rocking forward when I return. I hold the bottle out to her, and she takes it but runs it over her chest and down her belly instead of drinking it. The condensation leaves wet trails over her golden skin.

I sit beside her on the bed, not looking at her, and crack the top of my water. “You know, the first rule of drugging someone should be ensuring you get the fucking drugs in their body instead of your own.”









Even as I wobble to my feet and try to make it to the door, I know my attempt at an escape will be useless. I can’t even walk straight; my entire body feels like it’s on fire from the inside out. My pussy keeps clenching on nothing, begging to be filled.

The bastard must have switched the glasses when we came upstairs. I’d been too nervous, too scared of him noticing the drugs that I swallowed it all down. The dosage was for a fully grown man of his height and weight. Not me…someone half his size.

I fumble with the lock on the door, the latch still open from our original grapple. My hand slides uselessly off it as a spasm rocks me. It’s not an orgasm, and it’s only the beginning.

It helps that I have a tolerance for this particular drug. It’s been a while since I’ve taken it. Never of my own free will. Fuck. Is this a setup? Did my father give me the drugs knowing how it would turn out since I refused to be his guinea pig any longer?

Hands clamp around my hips, and I moan at the contact. He easily lifts me off my feet and carries me back to the bed. Tears leak from my eyes, and I angrily swipe them away. “Let me go.”

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