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Your Daddy Likes It(9)
Author: Alexa Riley

“Don’t!” I groan. “Please.”

“Fine.” She huffs. “But this is bullshit. You’re supposed to gossip and share stuff with me. I’m your sister.”

Normally, I would, but my sister might shut this down. She’s pretty open with letting me do whatever I want, but I don’t ever do anything that’s out of the norm. As Walsh pointed out, I'm a good girl. If she knew about Walsh, I have no clue how she’d react. There’s no point telling her if this is some random bit of fun because she might try and talk me out of it. Or she could scare Walsh away from me, and that’s the last thing I want.

I might end up with a broken heart, but doesn’t everyone have to go through one of those at some point in life? Walsh is the first person to ever make me desire something more. I can’t let that slip through my fingers even if he ruins me.

A million different things flash through my mind of dirty ways that he could ruin me. I think he might have because I don’t even know where some of these fantasies come from. He’s pulled them from somewhere deep inside of me that I didn’t know was there.

“You with me?” Kat snaps her fingers in front of my face, and I realize I glazed over while lost in thought.

“Sorry.” I zoned out for a second, and suddenly I’m so turned on my thighs have gotten wet. “I’ve got to head out,” I blurt before my sister tries to pry details from me.

She gives me a suspicious look before she finally gives in. “Fine. Text me later so I know if I’m picking you up or this ‘friend”’—she does finger quotes around the word—“is bringing you home.”

“Will do.” I kiss her cheek before I move past her and out of the pantry.

“Oh, are those fruit roll-ups?” I hear her say to herself.

I guess those pregnancy cravings are kicking in, and I smile. Then it falters because she’s starting a family of her own now. I shake those thoughts from my head, not wanting to go there right now.

My phone gets another text, and it’s good timing because it’s a welcome distraction.

Kyle: See you at school

What the hell is up with him? I stare down at the text and another goes off. This one makes butterflies flutter through my whole body.

Walsh: I’m here



Chapter Eight






I grip the steering wheel because it’s taking every bit of my control not to get out of the car and go knock on her front door. That’s what Nadia deserves. Instead she’s got me outside her house horny as fuck and desperate to see her.

I’m parked far enough away that if someone saw us, they might not notice me, but I don’t like sneaking around with her. I want to hold her hand and walk around in public or take her out to dinner and not worry about what people might think. I’ve never been so attached to someone before, and the power she holds over me is like a drug. The longer I’m with her, the more I want to be with her. Does she have any idea what she’s doing to me?

When the front door opens, I get out and walk around to the passenger side of the car. Her cheeks are already pink as she comes closer, and when I open the passenger door for her, she pauses to look up through her lashes at me.

“Good morning.” Her voice is like a balm on a wound I wasn’t aware of.

“Good morning, little flower.” I lean down and whisper into her ear, “Were you a good girl for me?”

“Yes, sir.”

The sound of pleasure I make reverberates between us, and that static charge zips over my skin.

“I think I’ll find out for myself.” When she gets in, I lean over and while I buckle her up I brush my lips against hers. “Knees apart, little flower.”

She obeys, and I smile as I straighten and walk around to the other side to get in. Once I put the car in drive, I place my hand on the bit of skin above her knee socks and below the edge of her skirt. Her legs are open, and I could so easily slide my fingers higher to touch her bare pussy. But the anticipation is making her breathe harder, and I suspect she likes it.

“You look pretty today.” I glance over at her, and she tucks her chin as she smiles. “Did you eat breakfast?”

She holds up a granola bar, and I raise an eyebrow. “I was too excited to eat.” The smile she gives me does something to my insides.

“I knew this would happen.” My hand grips her thigh a little more firmly before I let go and hand her the bag next to me. “Eat.”

“But what if I’m not hungry?” She’s challenging me, but I have no problem letting her know who’s in charge.

“You’ll eat, or I’ll take you straight to school and make you eat it there.”

Quickly she opens the bag and takes out the English muffin with eggs and sausage on it that I cooked for her. I took a chance, and when she smiles down at it I know I must have made something she likes. She starts to eat as I drive to the parking garage we were in yesterday.

It doesn’t take her long to finish it, along with the orange juice I brought her. We don’t have a ton of time, but I’m not going to waste a second of it.

“Now I want my breakfast,” I say as I put the car in park and turn toward her. “But first I want a real kiss. I want you to have as many of those as your lips can stand.”

Holding her face in both hands, I look down into her beautiful doe eyes as she smiles. Something passes between us, and it feels like everything in my life has led me to finding this perfect little flower among my life of weeds. She’s too good and pure for me, but I’m selfish, and I won’t let her go. She’s mine, and I’m keeping her forever.

This time when I press my lips to hers, she opens eagerly without my prompt, and I hum in pleasure. My tongue sweeps over hers, and she moves closer like the space between us is too much. The sound she makes is needy as I suck on her bottom lip and then kiss her again. It’s thorough and greedy as I take what I want. My possessiveness gives her something in return because I see her knees squeeze together tightly like she’s searching for relief.

“Lie back and let me kiss your pussy good morning too. I think she needs attention.”

Nadia turns in the seat so her back is to the passenger door and puts her feet in the space between us. She looks so innocent like this with her school uniform on, her knee socks pulled high, and her plaid skirt covering just enough to make my mouth water.

Slowly, I put my hands between her knees and spread them apart. When I see her bare pussy is already soaking wet, I lick my lips.

“What a good girl you are.” I slide my hands down the outside of her thighs as I kiss the inside and move closer. “I can see your little clit poking out, and she’s so slick.” I kiss lower and lower until I’m inches away from her pussy. I inhale loudly, and my mouth waters. “I’m so proud of you for being my pretty girl and listening so well. You did exactly as you were told, and I’m so pleased, little flower. You’ve made me so, so happy this morning.”

I lick her pussy lips, and she jolts like I’ve shocked her; I laugh a little and do it again. She’s not used to having her pussy eaten, and I like knowing I’m the first. The first and only.

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