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Your Daddy Likes It(8)
Author: Alexa Riley

“Close your eyes, little flower.” She does as I order, and my cock throbs in pleasure. “Open your mouth so I can lick your tongue.”

Her full cherry pink lips part, and I slowly lower my mouth to hers. She inhales at the same time and I feel that electricity spark between us like never before. I grunt as those pretty lips spread and let me inside. I sweep my tongue over hers, and she eagerly does the same. Back and forth we take turns until I feel her hands on my chest pulling me closer.

She tastes like sugar lip gloss and innocence, and all I want to do is bury myself in it. Before I can stop myself, I’m pulling her over onto my lap and spreading her legs so she straddles me. Her skirt goes up so far it exposes her ass. Grabbing on to it, I yank her flush against my cock, and then I keep on kissing her.

“Tell me to stop,” I beg as I pull her panties up her ass so I can grab onto her bare cheeks. “Tell me to leave you alone, Nadia, because I don’t know if I can.”

She doesn’t do either of those things but instead grinds against me as we kiss and kiss like this is our only chance. Maybe it will be. After today, she could hate me and never want me to speak to her again. I wouldn’t blame her, but I’m not sure I’d let her do it. Fuck, there’s no way I can let her go now that I’ve had a taste.

“What time do you go to school in the morning?” I say as I slide my hand under her white polo shirt.

“My first class is at eight.”

“I’ll pick you up at seven. Make an excuse with your sister. I want to eat your pussy before you go to school.”

My fingers find her bra and pull the cup down before I pinch her nipple. Needing more, I push her shirt up and bend my head down to suck on it. Fuck, they’re just as pink as her pussy, and I greedily nurse on one then the other.

“Yes, sir,” she moans, rocking against my length and grinding her clit for relief.

“Come out without your panties on too. I don’t want to waste time.”

“Oh god, Walsh!” she cries as she cums from dry humping me.

I hold her close and kiss her gently as I help her ride out the pleasure. Once it’s passed, I kiss her forehead and let her rest against me. “You’re such a good girl.”

She lets out a little giggle and then looks up at me. “Really? Because that felt bad.”

“Text your driver and see if he’s home yet. As much as I want to take you to my house, I need to keep this”—I reach between us and rub my hand over her soaked panties—“safe from me.”

“What if I don’t want you to?”

“Patience, little flower. Patience.” I tuck her hair behind her ears and kiss her lips gently before I put her back in the passenger seat.

On the way back to her place, I keep my hand between her legs the whole time in a possessive hold. She might not know it yet, but it’s mine. I’m just not sure I deserve it.



Chapter Seven






I’m not late getting up for school this morning. In fact, I’m so early it’s ridiculous. It took me forever to get to sleep last night because all I could think about was Walsh. I’m still having trouble believing the things we did.

There’s been one major problem, though, and that’s all the text messages Kyle’s been sending me. He texted saying he was sorry he was a dick and that he’s just going through some things. He also said he wanted to make it up to me, but I didn’t respond to any of it. What am I supposed to say? Sorry, I was never really into you but I’m really into your dad? Which is a whole other thing in itself.

Walsh is a father. I know Kyle mentioned that he and his mom weren’t getting along so he came out here to stay. He hadn’t said much else beyond that, but now I wish I would have poked a bit more. Who is Kyle’s mom and was Walsh married to her? Why didn’t it work out? All of these things should be at the bottom of my list of questions and worries, but jealousy nags at me for some crazy reason.

What’s happening with Walsh is some fling, right? We’re just two people having some fun because there’s no way this could possibly turn into something more. I’m not sure how old Walsh is, but if he has a kid he's likely twice my age.

I know for sure I won’t ask Walsh about his ex. The last thing I want to do is come off as clingy or possessive. He’s an older man, and I’ve got to play it cool. I’m sure the women he dates have all kinds of experience while I’m over here asking for a kiss. I’m so lame. He gave it to me, though, and it made saving my first kiss worth the wait. Even if I came off as a dork.

Puckering my lips in the mirror, I decide to put on some strawberry chapstick to make them shine. It might draw his attention there and then maybe he’ll kiss me some more. Though he said he was going to be kissing me somewhere else today.

My thighs press together because I need some kind of relief. I’ve been turned on since I got dressed and didn’t put any panties on. It’s weird not having them on under my skirt, and it makes me feel naughty. I play with my hair before putting a headband on to hold it back out of my face and leave the rest down. The last thing I do is take out my stupid contacts from the drawer.

It takes me almost ten minutes to get them in, and I know I’ll never make it with them all day. They will start to drive me crazy, so I shove my glasses and contacts case along with a pair of panties into my bag. No way I’m walking around school all day without any on. I don’t know why, but I don’t think Walsh would be okay with that either.

This might be a fling for him, but he seems to be somewhat possessive of me. His hand cupped my sex the whole drive home, and when we pulled up to the front of the house, I’d so badly wanted him to change his mind and take me home with him. Too bad I didn’t have it in me to ask.

He’d brushed his mouth against mine and ordered me out of the car. He told me to be a good girl, but maybe if I had been he would have taken me home with him. I’m just not sure how to do that.

I grab my phone off the charger before heading downstairs, and when I see my sister is in the kitchen, it surprises me. I was sure she’d sleep in after being out late.

“Hey.” She glances my way and then does a double-take. She looks me up and down and then cocks her head to the side. “Did you do something different today?”

“Contacts?” I offer, and her brows pull together.

“I guess.”

“I’m just going to grab a granola bar.” I head toward the pantry, and I can feel her eyes on me the whole way. She can sense something is up.

“I was about to make you breakfast,” she calls to me, and my phone goes off in my hand. I expect it to be Walsh because it’s almost seven, but instead it’s someone I really don’t want to talk to.

Kyle: Got my car back. How about I pick you up for school today?

Oh god. Now I have to respond to him. I’m guessing he only got his car back because Walsh is taking me to school today and not him.

Me: Already have a ride but thanks

“I can make something.” Kat steps into the panty with me.

“I’m actually going into school early. A friend is picking me up.”

“A friend? I knew something was up.” Her face breaks out into a giant smile.

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