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Your Daddy Likes It(7)
Author: Alexa Riley

“I’m not naïve. I'm just not experienced.” My cheeks heat at admitting that. I’m sure he’s used to women who know what they’re doing, and although I’m so out of my depth right now, I don’t care. At this moment I’d let myself drown for him. My need for whatever is happening outweighs everything else and I’m lost in a lust-filled haze.

“I know, little flower, but you are naïve. You came into my home all alone without knowing what could happen.”

“Kyle didn’t force himself on me.” He might have been pushy, but he stormed off. His ego was damaged more than anything.

“I would kill him.” I swear the air inside the vehicle thickens, and there’s a flutter of excitement in my stomach. “But I wasn’t talking about him.” His eyes go to the mirror again to get another look between my legs. “You were all alone with me.”

I was, but I don’t see the problem with that. In fact, I enjoyed being alone with Walsh. The attention he gives me makes me want to be alone with him again.

“I’m not scared of you, Walsh.”

“Give me your panties,” he orders, and I wonder if this is a test. I push my glasses up my nose to stall. “What did I say about repeating myself?”

“You don’t like it.” I lift my hips, making my skirt slide the rest of the way up my hips, revealing my panties completely. I hook my fingers into the top and pull them down my legs before I hand them over.

He takes them from me as he pulls into an empty church parking lot. “Keep those legs spread,” he says and puts the car into park. Then I hear the sound of a zipper, loud inside of the quiet vehicle.

Now all I can hear is the sound of his heavy breathing as he stares at my sex, and his arm starts to move up and down. I lean over a few inches to see what he’s doing, and then I gasp. He’s got my panties wrapped around his cock as he strokes himself. His eyes in the mirror are staring at me while he does it, and a low groan leaves him.

“Please.” The word slips past my lips, but it comes out like a plea.

“Have you ever touched yourself, little flower?” I nod my head because I’m not sure if I can form words. “Show me.”

Normally I would be way too shy to do something like that, but my whole body is on fire, and it’s hard to sit still. My hand moves quickly as I spread my legs and my fingers slip through the wet folds of my sex. I’m completely soaked as I bring two fingers to my clit. The second I touch myself, I moan.

“You don’t put your fingers inside your cunt, do you?”

“I’ve never done that,” I admit.

“And you won’t.” Walsh’s hand starts to move faster. “Do you know how to cum, little flower?”

“Yes.” I’m holding back because I don’t want him to know how horny I am, and I don’t want this to be over. My body is screaming for me to press harder and go over the edge.

“I want to see it.”

My instincts are to obey, and I cry out his name as I press harder on my clit. It gives me the perfect pressure to send me over the edge, and the orgasm explodes through me. I hear him grunt as his arm flexes, and my sex flutters. It’s never done that before, but the ache isn’t fully gone. The orgasm took the edge off, but now I want something more. My sex contracts like it wants something inside of me. The ache is deeper in my body, and I long to be full.

Walsh’s heavy breathing fills the silence. “Come here,” he orders. I unbuckle my seat belt and move closer because I want to be near him. He turns his head and grabs my wrist. My mouth falls open as I watch him bring my fingers to his mouth and suck them clean.

I’m already about to cum again, and I don’t know if I can handle this. My body needs more already, and I have to squeeze my legs together to try and ease the ache.

“Good girl,” he says when he releases them from his mouth. “Put these back on.” He hands me my panties, and I see his release inside them. I lean back against the seat and slip them up my legs slowly. His cum makes them stick to me once they’re in place.

I can’t believe what we’ve just done. He watched me masturbate for him, but I’ve still never even been kissed.



Chapter Six






I’m throbbing in my pants as her taste sits on my tongue and the scent of her pussy fills this car. Never in my right mind would I have done something like that before I met Nadia, but since I laid eyes on my little flower, I can’t seem to think straight.

My little flower.

Fuck, what’s come over me that’s made me so possessive in a matter of a few stolen moments spent together? This isn’t me, but somehow it feels so right. The women in my past barely held my attention longer than it took to get off. When it was over, we went our separate ways, and I never looked back. Hell, I couldn’t tell you what a single one of them looked like since Nadia’s beautiful doe eyes met mine. It’s as if my past was erased and that was where I began.

My heart hasn’t stopped thundering in my chest even though I just came harder than I ever have in my life. The load I left in her panties should embarrass me, but that’s what Nadia does to me. She makes my cock weep while my body begs to be closer to her. And she makes my heart ache for something I know I shouldn’t have.

When I glance up in the rearview mirror, I see her looking out of her window and the expression on her face has me turning around in my seat. “What’s wrong?”

She faces me but shrugs and pretends to smile. It doesn’t reach her eyes, and I know immediately that she’s hiding something from me. “I’m fine.”

Shit, does she regret what just happened? How can she not? I’m an old man who just made her rub her pussy while I jerked off to it. Could I be more of a bastard?

“What we did, I lost control—” I start, but she reaches for my arm.

“No, don’t say that. I don’t regret it.” She hesitates and bites that pretty bottom lip that I would die to have against mine. “I was just thinking that we didn’t kiss.” When I open my mouth to say something, she covers her face with both her hands. “Oh god, that’s so stupid. Just forget I said anything.”

“You want me to kiss you.” It’s not a question, but more of a shocked statement. I didn’t think a girl like her would want a man like me touching her perfect body. That’s why I thought I could take this time in the car with her and keep it forever. I wanted to steal what I could without leaving her dirty from my touch.

Slowly she lowers the hands from her face and shrugs. “Yeah, I think I do.”

“Come here.” I tell her what to do, but even as I give the order, I’m pulling her into the front passenger seat.

There’s a gear shift and a console between us, but maybe that’s a good thing. I need to keep my distance from her because I know that the treasure she’s got between her legs is virgin tight. She’s not ready to ride a cock.

But I could teach her.

The thought enters my mind, and I have to push it away. I can’t think about that, not now while she’s soft and sweet and looking at me like I hung the moon. My hands cup her face as I pull her close, and her eyes are wide with excitement.

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