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The Rebel Guardian (Outlaw #2)(4)
Author: Lexi Blake

I was the Nex Apparatus, the Council’s death machine, and it was my job to find a way to put the world to rights, and it started with that book.

There was a brief knock and then Eddie was walking through the door. Our demon butler still wore a suit even in the wilds of Iceland. He carried a small tray with a mug and a Danish on it.

“My mistress, I’ve brought you some ginger tea. I was hoping you were feeling better,” Eddie said, looking me over. “Perhaps we should put this trip off. I can go to Atlanta and bring Master Trent back here for you. Frelsi is safe, and there is a midwife. His Grace is also here.”

I was sure having a fertility god around who could put a hand on me and tell me if my baby was okay would be comforting to all of us, but like I said, I had a job to do. Skipping breakfast this morning because I had my head in the toilet had obviously worried Eddie. He wasn’t used to me passing on food. Luckily my gut was calmer now, and though I didn’t deeply want a pastry, I could eat one.

I took the Danish and had a big bite. I knew it should taste delicious, but it was sawdust in my mouth. Still, I forced myself to eat. “I’m good, Eddie. I want to go. I need to talk to the primals, and Casey assures me we’ll be safe down there.” I had to wonder how comfy this nest thing would be, but it didn’t truly matter. It was underground, so I wasn’t expecting luxury. “I’m ready to go.”

Fen gave me a thumbs-up. “I’ll go get Evan.”

“Fen, are you sure? Her mom just got back. Maybe you should stay here with her.” I didn’t want to leave him. I wanted to grab him with both hands and never let him out of my sight again, but honestly, I was feeling guilty for asking Lee to come with us. I hadn’t thought about it at the time. I’d only thought about how much I wanted to get to know this Lee.

I was sure Zoey did, too. I was sure the idea of not being with her daughter would make her ache, and she’d ached enough.

“No.” Fen was back to frowning and looking worried. “I want to go with you. I was planning on joining Dad no matter what. And Evan comes with me.”

The wolf was back in the house. Jealous and possessive. I would have to talk to Trent about that, too. However, I knew better than to try to talk down crazy wolf hormones. “All right. Then it’s time to head out.”

Eddie nodded. “I shall gather our things. We’ll be in Atlanta in no time.”

And then I would start looking for answers.



Chapter Two



The world shimmered around me, and the sunshine we’d been in turned to a deep gloom. Where my skin had been warm, a delicious cool wave caressed me and I could smell both wet stone and burning wood.

We were in some kind of cave.

Yep. This was pretty much what I’d expected. Dark, dank, a bit tight.

Fen turned my way, his hand already in Evangeline’s. “You and Dad take whatever time you need. We’ll be here.”

I was confused. Somehow I’d expected Trent to be standing here waiting for me, but we were alone in this alcove, the world eerily quiet around us. Evan had a small flashlight in her hands, and she pointed it at the stony ground beneath us. She was the only one who would likely need it. My eyes were already adjusting, and I could see a hint of light in the distance. Casey had already taken a few steps away from us, and I could see he stood on what appeared to be the top of steps that went even further down.

“Where is your dad?” I ignored the hurt that nestled in my chest. No one knew where Gray was, but I’d talked to Trent and I’d expected him to be waiting here for me.

Eddie’s hand was in mine again, the feel of his callused fingers comforting against my palm. “Mistress, Master Trent requested privacy for your reunion. I’m taking you to him now, and I’ll leave you there. He knows how to contact me when it’s time to bring you both back here. I promise I shall have your rooms in all readiness. You’ll find the primals are good hosts and look forward to meeting with you.”

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” Fen said with a grin. “Or at least don’t tell me about it.”

“Yes, don’t be like Fen. Trent would be disappointed. Fen won’t do anything,” Evan complained. “So don’t listen to him.”

The fact that they hadn’t hit the sheets yet seemed to bug the queen’s daughter. I was happy about it because that purity seemed to be the only reason Dev Quinn hadn’t lost his damn mind when he found out about my son’s relationship with his daughter.

“Someday, baby,” Fen promised as the world shifted around me again.

I didn’t need to hear that, but I should get used to it. Trent didn’t have any issues talking about sex. It was a wolf thing. Of course I’d been raised by uptight humans, so it was an adjustment. Over the last few years I’d gotten totally used to talking about my own sex life, but I’d thought I’d had years before I would have to talk to Fen about sex. I’d been planning to ease into it. No such luck.

Warmth hit me and a shocking bright light. We weren’t in the caves anymore. Sunlight flooded my world and a sweet wind moved over my skin.

“I will see you soon, my mistress. It is a joy to have you back,” Eddie said, and he squeezed my hand before he was gone again.

I blinked in the bright light and allowed my eyes to adjust yet again. I’d gone from Frelsi, where magic kept the city warm, to the chilly depths of an underground nest to… I wasn’t sure where I was, but it was warm and there was water nearby and a small cabin. Trees rose around me, and I realized the water was more like a bayou.

That was the moment I knew someone was watching me.

The world went watery because Trent stood near the cabin. His beard had grown out and his hair was longer. He looked far more like the wolf he was than the soldier he’d presented to the world twelve years before.

I stood there, our gazes locked.

Twelve years. He’d taken in Fenrir because we were going to make a family together, and I’d left him alone. He’d had to raise not only Fen, but Lee and Rhys and Evan. He’d gone from single and free one day to raising a pack on the run, protecting and sheltering them.

From what I could tell the only person he’d been able to rely on had been Sasha Federov, a vampire. While Sasha had no doubt been an amazing general for their little army, he would also be dead at least half the day.

Years will pass. Your wolf will howl but he will remain steadfast.

Gray’s prophecy had told me that we would be standing here, Trent and I. We would be standing here with the years between us, my wolf’s steadfast faith still binding us.

I knew that because I could feel him. Even with yards between us, I could feel Trent’s love.

I had never seen my wolf cry, but there were tears rolling down that face I loved.

That was when my walls broke down. Trent was here, and we’d lost so much. We’d lost all that time, and he was still here with me. I recognized somewhere in the background that the old me would have wondered if he’d brought me out here so he could explain that he’d moved on.

But I’d meshed my soul with his, and I trusted and believed in him completely.

He was my mate.

The wall crumbled because he was here.

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