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Danger Rising (Red Stone Security #20)(4)
Author: Katie Reus

“When are you going to tell your wife you’re leaving?” The woman’s voice had a tinny quality to it, making him frown. There might be interference with the feed.

“I can’t do it now.” The man crawled onto the bed, shirtless, his expression so damn sincere. “She’s dealing with some medical issues. I know she’s a nightmare, and you know she’s a nightmare, but it’ll look awful to the public. I just have to wait until she’s back on her feet, then we’ll part ways amicably. She wants this as much as me, trust me. The timing just has to be right.”

The man really was an incredible actor. Had a thick head of hair, and a charming smile that fooled so many people into voting for him. He had bigger aspirations, Teague knew. But he wasn’t careful enough, frequented the same motels with far too much consistency. For some reason he assumed he wouldn’t get caught. Probably because so many before him had done the same damn thing. Too bad for him, he was using state funds and had gotten on the wrong side of some powerful people. They wanted blackmail material and had hired Teague to get it. Well, not him, but one of his covers—“Mr. Smith,” the investigator who could get damn near any information.

Shaking his head as he listened to the woman drink up the lies, he closed the feed, then uploaded the video to the file where he’d saved a plethora of other evidence. He sent it to the man who’d hired him, then decided to send a different file with similar evidence to the state official’s wife. It was anonymous and would give the douchebag’s wife enough ammo to divorce him cleanly.

And she wasn’t sick, wasn’t recovering from any illness. From Teague’s investigating, he’d discovered she was an accomplished attorney who loved her husband and believed his lies. But he’d signed an airtight prenup—on the woman’s family’s insistence—and her family was well known in Miami. No way in hell he’d ever walk away from that kind of money and power. Now, he was going to get kicked to the curb. Teague didn’t think the wife would make the videos public either. No, she’d use them to get a quiet, quick divorce.

Feeling good about outing such human garbage, he steered out of the parking lot. Almost immediately he saw that he was being followed.

Of course. Unsurprised, but still annoyed, he kept his driving steady as he made his way through the streets of Miami, sticking to the business district. The roads were wider and there weren’t many people out this time of night. Not in this area anyway. There were no clubs or open businesses here.

As the rain started picking up, he turned on the windshield wipers. The pattering of the raindrops and swishing were the only noises as he continued driving to a storage facility area. The driver of the truck following him hung back as Teague turned into the parking lot.

The vehicle kept going, passed the entrance—but Teague spotted the vehicle pull a U-turn.

Energy buzzed through him as he quickly pulled around to the back, parked and got out. The owner of this storage facility didn’t pay more than minimum wage so the night guard didn’t do anything other than sleep or watch videos online. And Teague didn’t blame the guy. You got what you paid for.

Water splashed under his boots as he hurried to the storage container he’d rented under a pseudonym weeks ago. It was just one of many. His job had taught him to be well prepared so he always had exit plans.

He waited long enough for the driver to cruise by the aisle of storage containers and see him duck inside one.

As soon as he was inside, he pulled the door halfway down instead of fully. Then he hoisted himself up, using the metal bars he’d installed directly above the rolling door to climb up. He stood on the bars, poised in place and ready to attack.

People rarely looked up when going about their business. Trained assassins were a different breed, however, so if whoever was tailing him was good, there was a chance they’d look up instead of scanning the interior of the container.

Which was why he’d lined the back of this place with LED lights. He’d bought the contents of this container in an auction and left all the junk inside. It was mostly antique furniture that was molding. Junk for sure, but it would draw the eye of anyone who entered. They’d think he was either hiding behind it or retrieving something.

He slid his hand into one of his pockets, retrieved his Ka-Bar, while he kept his other hand on the remote control to the LED lights.

Splash, splash.

The person was moving closer.

A rustling from below sounded, then a silencer came into view—quickly followed by a pistol and the owner of said weapon.

Teague pressed the on button on the remote control.

The back of the container lit up in a rainbow of flashing colors. The man below stiffened and just started firing.

Teague dropped down behind him silently, had him by the jaw before he could even react. He made quick work of him, sliced his throat in moments. The silenced pistol clattered to the concrete floor before Teague eased the body down next to it.

Before he did anything, he shut the rolling door and turned on the regular lights. Just because the night guard sucked didn’t mean someone random wouldn’t stumble across this scene.

Ignoring the pooling blood, he quickly patted the man down, looking for any ID or forms of communication. He didn’t find anything, not that he’d actually expected to. But he took the man’s prints, took pictures of the three tattoos on his body, then texted a number with all the images.

Need a cleanup tonight.

He received a thumbs-up emoji as a response. That was that.

Teague knew who wanted him dead and also knew the man was running very low on funds. He wouldn’t be able to afford to send someone after him again. Which was the whole point. Teague’s boss was using him as bait to bring Sasha Sorkov out into the open.

Since the job had taken him to Miami, he’d jumped at the chance. Especially since he knew Lana was putting herself in danger by going after Cashe.

He might be here for a job, but she was his priority. He’d keep her safe from the shadows unless he was forced out of them. After tonight, he had a feeling he wasn’t going to remain hidden much longer.






“Lana, good to see you!” Grant Caldwell stepped back as he opened the front door to the home he shared with his wife and kids. “Belle’s in the kitchen waiting,” he said as he cuddled their six-month-old on his big shoulder. “And she saved you some of her mom’s revani cake.”

“My mouth literally just started watering,” she said, laughing as she shut the door behind her. Lana loved being at the Caldwells’. Belle had taken her under her wing years ago, and while Grant looked a little intimidating—okay, a lot—he was like this giant teddy bear with his wife and girls. And he treated Lana like one of Belle’s younger cousins, which she could admit she liked. She’d never had any siblings and this family was simply wonderful. She’d loved her mom, but she’d always wanted a big family to belong to.

She’d been here many times, knew her way around the house, and quickly found Belle in the kitchen, her daughters Athena and Katerina sitting at the island top. After breaking in to Cashe’s place last night, she was glad for the sense of normalcy right now.

“Lana!” Athena stood on her stool and dived at Lana, with no care for her safety.

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