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Suck This
Author: Lani Lynn Vale



Blood, sex and alcohol.

That was what Club Worth was all about.

Ever since vampires had come out to the world, people had been obsessed. Take a walk on the wild side and see what the nightclub was all about.

Acadia Powell, on the other hand, didn’t do vampires. Nor did she do messy.

What she did do was stay away from people like Constantine Worth, Master of the City, and the most gorgeous man in the history of men. It didn’t matter that he had hypnotizing eyes, beautiful lips, and the sexiest body she’d ever had the privilege of laying eyes on.

It should be easy for her to stay away, but with each subsequent encounter, it’s becoming harder and harder to fight the growing need inside of her.

• • •

Constantine Worth knew that Acadia was off limits. Not only was she human and not willing to slum it with the undead, but she was also the baby sister of the city’s chief of police. The man that liked to arrest him every other day and twice on Sunday.

He should hate her based solely on the last name she shared with her brother. Yet each time he sees her, he forgets that he’s supposed to be playing nice. She sets his blood to boil, and each time she lets the verbal slurs flow, he finds it harder and harder to maintain his distance.

Soon, he will have to make a choice. Maintain his upstanding relationship with human law enforcement, or take what he wants, and damn the consequences.




Was it normal to always want a cookie? Because there is never a time that I don’t want one.

-Acadia’s secret thoughts


I watched him from across the room.

I knew I should stop, but I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t every day that you got to be in the same room with the Master of the City.

Constantine Worth was beautiful, and I wanted to climb him like a freakin’ tree… though I hear that’s not acceptable in today’s day and age. Or, well, in any day and age.

“Stop staring,” I muttered to myself, looking down.

My hands played with the loose threads in the hole just above the knee of my jeans, and I tried to will my heart to slow.

“Everyone is starin’,” Keisha said. “You’re not the only one. Just the only one that’s telling yourself not to.”

I glared at my best friend, Keisha, and stuck my tongue out at her.

“Why are we even here?” I asked. “This is a vamp bar. And I’m not willing to share my blood with anyone but the Red Cross.”

Keisha snorted.

“You don’t donate to Red Cross. You donate to Wentworth Blood Care,” Keisha said dryly.

I started to laugh.

She was right.

I did donate to Wentworth, religiously, every six weeks on the dot.

Also, because I was the universal blood donor, O negative.

They called me every six weeks to remind me, and I went because I remembered what it was like to need blood and not have access to it.

“We are at this particular bar because it was my turn to choose which one I wanted to go to, and this is the one I wanted to go to?” She batted her eyelashes at me, and I snorted.

“Thanks,” I drawled. “I’m glad you cleared that up.”

She shrugged.

“What do you want to drink?” she asked, changing the subject.

I let it lie. She went where I wanted to go, so I’d do the same for her, even if this place was giving me hives.

And not because I was scared, but because I was so close to the dead sexy man named Constantine Worth.

The man made my heart palpitate, even in pictures of him.

I didn’t know what it was about the man, but each and every time his name was mentioned in my hearing, or his face was pictured on the front page of the Austin Times, I had to stop and stare.

It was a compulsion.

Something that I was forced to do, whether I wanted to do it or not.

“What will you have, ma’am?”

I looked up at the bartender.

He was a vampire, too.

I could tell by the fangs peeking out from under his top lip.

Though, he didn’t bring attention to the fact that he was one… most didn’t.

That was really the only way you could tell if a vampire was a vampire or not. The fangs.

All other outward appearances were human-like, and in instances like Constantine Worth, if they didn’t want you to know, then you wouldn’t.

“I’ll have your cheapest wine.” I grimaced.

The vampire smiled.

“Coming right up.”

He left to get mine and Keisha’s orders, and I turned when I felt her stare on me.

“What?” I snapped.

“Can’t you act the least bit civilized when we go out?” she said under her breath. “Would it kill you to order a damn mixed drink?”

“I don’t like mixed drinks,” I said. “I like cheap wine. The shittier and cheaper the better. And you know that. Not to mention you’re lucky that I’m drinking at all. You know I don’t like to.”

And I didn’t.

I hadn’t liked drinking since I was a senior in high school and was in the car with friends—who were also drunk.

We’d made it about halfway to our destination when another drunk, this one heading the wrong direction on the highway, plowed into us.

I’d been the only survivor, and to this day, I’d still yet to meet the mysterious stranger that donated blood to save me.

The same man that’d pulled me out of the car right before it burst into flames.

The same man who paid all my hospital bills, and left me all alone, never to know who my gracious stranger was.

“Here you are, miss.” The vamp bartender set my glass down.

I stared at it.

It was a quarter full.

I looked up at him with my brows raised.

“This is one of the mid-price ranged ones, but we don’t serve boxed wine here. This is the cheapest you’ll get, and I only filled it up partially to cut down on the cost.”

I blinked, then sighed.

“Thanks,” I muttered.

The vamp walked away, and Keisha started to laugh next to me.

“You should’ve been more specific,” Keisha said.

I should have.

See, the thing was, I could afford any damn thing I wanted.

I had a good job that I made six figures a year at, and I spent frugally. Meaning I didn’t buy stupid shit, and I didn’t go out to eat unless Keisha dragged me out the door by my hair.

Then again, I didn’t go much of anywhere after six in the evening since the vamps had come out to the world.

At first, everyone had gone into apocalypse mode, but over time, as they saw that the vamps weren’t going to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—at least no more than they already had been previously—things slowly went back to normal.

However, I was a crime scene tech and saw the worst of the worst when it came to Austin, Texas.

It wasn’t just because of the vampires that I hated going out. It was because of the regular psychos, too.

“Drink your half a glass of wine, and let’s dance,” Keisha ordered from the seat beside me.

I drank my wine like one would a shot, and then set the delicate glass down on the counter before standing up.

“Okay,” I grumbled.

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