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State (Diamond MC, #1.5)(7)
Author: Lila Rose

“Thanks, little mouse.”

I heard a snort somewhere. “Little, sure. She’s wider than a house.” As soon as the voice penetrated, I knew who it was. Margot. She was Rina’s recurring client who loved to gossip and talk shit about people. A lot.

Her comment didn’t worry me; she’d been giving me “helpful” hints about new trending diets for a while. What did worry me was the way State slowly turned his hard gaze on her.

“You got somethin’ to say?” he clipped.

“State—” When he took my hand, I shut up.

Margot smiled, not clueing in on his pissed-off vibe. “You could do better, handsome.”

I swore everyone in the room tensed and grew silent.

“State, it’s fine.” I squeezed his hand.

He shook his head. “It ain’t fine when a haggy old lady talks shit about someone I like.” He stood with his fists pressed to the table. “How about you mind your own fuckin’ business, and you might get some dick yourself because it’s obvious you ain’t been since you’re so uptight thinkin’ you have the right to talk about Courtney that way.”

Margot gasped. “How dare you.”

“I dare, lady.” State looked at me, leaned down, and pressed his lips against mine in a firm kiss. “See you Monday.”

“Okay,” I breathed.

He bopped me on the nose, smiled, and walked out of the salon.

“Court,” Rina called as she pulled off Margot’s apron. “I have to say you are one lucky bitch. Margot, since you’ve already paid and your hair is done, you can go, and I think it’s best you see another stylist from now on.”

“You can’t—”

“I can and I will to protect the people who work here.”

With a huff, Margot stood and walked out of the salon with her nose in the air.

“Rina, are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Honey, I should have done that a long time ago. Now, since you have time, come on back and tell me what you’re going to wear on your date.”

Oh God, I had a date.

A date with State.

Ha, that rhymes.

Jesus, I hoped I wasn’t a bundle of nerves by the time Monday came around.









* * *


As soon as I entered the kitchen for Sunday family dinner, Mom pounced on me. “You’re glowing. Patty, don’t you think she’s glowing?”

“Sure. Hi, princess.”

“Hi, Dad.”

Mom gasped. “Are you pregnant?”

Casper snorted. “She has to have sex to be pregnant.” My hand, all on its own, whipped out and smacked him in the back of the head. “Shit. I’m kidding, sis.”

“Language,” Mom snapped. She called us out on our cussing all the time, but it always slipped out. I wondered how she’d go with State since he swore like a trooper. The thought of them meeting had me smiling.

“Maybe she is getting a bit. See that smile,” Carter put in.

“Can we not discuss your sister getting anything,” Dad barked and shuddered.

“Everyone has sex, Patty,” Mom told him like he didn’t already know.

Rolling my eyes, I ignored them all and hugged Mom, then Casper, since he was the closest, followed by Calvin, Dad, and Carter. To whom I said, “Good to see you here, my big professional sports brother.”

Carter scratched his chin with his middle finger, even though he was the oldest and supposed to be the most mature. “As I ask you every damn time, how long are you going to call me that?”

“A few more years yet.”

“It’s bad enough you show up to games with that on a sign. The guys on the team give me shit—”


“—about it all the time.”

Grinning a little evilly, I scooped food onto my plate. “It’s what sisters are for.”

He leaned in. “And brothers are for this.” He cleared his throat. “You know what, Mom. I think you’re right. Court could be glowing from being pregnant.”

Mom’s fork dropped from her hand. “Are you?” she near screeched. That was just mean of Carter. He knew, like all of us, she was desperately waiting to have grandbabies.

“No, Mom, I’m not. I do have a date tomorrow, though.”

“Who is he?” Carter demanded.

“What’s his name?” Calvin asked, taking out his phone.

“Does he have a job at least?” Dad queried.

“Warn him you snore,” Casper put in.

“I do not,” I yelled at him.

His brow rose. “I was in the room next to you for many years. You do.”

“Shut up.” I glared.

“Who is this man, and where did you meet him?” Mom asked.

“I’ll tell you more about him later, Mom. Not when the evil lot are listening in. They’ll try and find him and warn him away, but I like this one.”

Carter scoffed. “You said that about Josh, and he was sleeping with his stepmom.”

Mom gasped. “Was he?”

“She also said that about Keith, and he was collecting porcelain dolls and hoped Courtney would dress like one if she lost some weight.” My brothers, and even my dad, grumbled about some of my dating attempts that were epic fails.

In fairness, I hadn’t seen Keith’s collection until he took me to his place after we’d been dating a month. He had been nice and never pressured me into anything. Not until he confessed I was too big and needed to resemble one of “his girls.” I’d never run out of a house so fast. It was lucky Calvin had been in the area and picked me up. After he’d told Keith to never call me again, or if he did, they’d have issues, a pale Keith had nodded and stepped into his house, engaging all his locks.

“Can we not talk about them?” I pleaded.

Mom patted my hand. “Tell me later.”

“Not fair,” Casper complained. “At least give us a name.”

I took a mouthful of peas and corn and mumbled around it.

“Boys, leave your sister alone. Besides, I’ll tell you later when I have the information off your mom.”

“Dad!” I yelled. “Mom?”

“Sweetie, I won’t tell him anything.” I watched her mouth to Dad, “I’ll tell you later.”

Pointing my fork at her and then Dad, I reprimanded, “You know I can see you.”

Mom just smiled and patted my arm. “I have only one question. Does he want children?”

“First date, Mom. This will be our first date.”

“All right, fine. Now, Carter?”

“I’m not seeing anyone, Mom.”

“Calvin, have you and Jena talked about—”

“She dumped me because she was more in love with her job than with me.” Calvin hunched over his plate and shoveled food into his mouth.

“Oh” was Mom’s wise reply.

“Do you need me to beat her up?” I offered.

“Courtney,” Mom exclaimed.

Calvin gave me a soft smile. “Nah, I just don’t want to talk about it.”

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