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Spence : Broken Deeds MC NJ Chapter
Author: Esther E. Schmidt





Spence - Going undercover is what my Broken Deeds MC chapter is all about. A contract with the government allows me to legally do anything within my power to let justice prevail. When a mafia boss demands an arranged marriage as part of a deal, I have no other choice but to accept. I need to bide my time working undercover to rip his family to shreds.


Penelope - My life was shattered when I was fourteen. From that day forward I’ve learned to make myself invisible, until my father hands me over to marry the President of a motorcycle club. Confronted with my past, I’m finally given a chance to rise above and bloom. Though, life never entails roses and sunshine and history has a way to repeat itself.


The good can only out balance the bad if both rise to the occasion. Finding love in unusual situations seems impossible as is saving lives.






“Transport went well,” Fabriso Chieros quips and angles his head toward his underboss, Cello Fedele.

The two fuckers gloat at one another and I know I have my way in before they so much as agree for Broken Deeds MC to handle their transport from now on. I would want nothing more than to put a bullet between their eyes right now but this undercover job is a marathon, not a sprint.

Meaning my cover is fully in place and we can work toward bringing down this mafia gang. We’ve managed to connect twelve families who are active in this gang, and for everything to go seamlessly we have to get solid information to prove this connection and gather as much evidence as we can to bring down every single one.

This gang is active in illicit trade. Art, gold, diamonds, weapons, wildlife, humans, whatever you need, they can supply. The government handed us this case and requested our help. Multiple murders, heists, missing women, and other crimes can be linked to these guys but all the evidence is missing to bring them down.

Especially when it concerns the missing women and the connection with this gang. That’s where we come in. Broken Deeds MC handles cases for the government and we’re allowed to use any means necessary. So, where most law enforcement hands are tied, ours are able to do anything we want and can to let justice prevail.

Hence the reason these fuckers’ transport went well–because we were the ones doing it and making sure it was flawless–instead of the past few times where we intervened and made sure either the product was stolen or we tipped off the cops. It was our intention to show them the only choice they had was to work with us to ensure their transport went through without a hitch.

This is our “in” to forge trust and go from there. If we handle all their transport, it will allow us to get the info about the merchandise and the people involved. Once we have every tie connected, we will bring them all in and end it. It will be weeks, or probably months before we are at that point, but today is a huge win.

“I gather we have a deal then,” I grunt, earning both their gazes to land on me.

Fabriso leans back in his leather chair and adjusts the tie of his tailored suit. “If you want to become a part of us you’d have to be family. This leaves you one choice and we only have a deal if you accept.”

I nod in understanding. The research we’ve been doing over the past few weeks has shown us there are twelve families tied to Fabriso. Each and every one is connected by blood in some way. It’s their system to ensure loyalty through arranged marriages and forge stronger bonds.

“I’m listening,” I grunt, not knowing what’s coming but realizing I have no other choice but to commit, otherwise what we did till now and what we have planned will all fall apart.

“You will marry my youngest daughter. This way we will become family and it will show long-term commitment to building loyalty and trust.”

I can honestly say it’s the first time in a lot of fucking years that I’m rendered speechless. The whole marriage concept is not for me. Mainly due to my assholeness but for sure as hell the risks I take with my job and MC day in day out.

I didn’t go into this undercover job blind and am aware of the daughter in question he’s pawning off; using her like a damn noose around my neck. I’m roughly seven years older than Rosemaria Penelope Chieros and besides her age and name, I know absolutely nothing about her. Mainly because she’s been homeschooled since her mother disappeared when she was fourteen years old.

Disappeared my ass, in the mafia world disappearance usually means either sleeping with the fishes or eating dirt. In other words; dead as a doornail. Fabriso narrows his eyes and it’s a reminder I owe the man a reply.

“My mother will be thrilled,” I dryly reply.

First. It’s no lie. Going undercover in my MC can entail for me or one of my brothers to go under but with this mafia gang being huge and a government priority, we decided to involve the whole MC. This means my family–who are involved in their own chapter of Broken Deeds MC–have been debriefed.

Fabriso chuckles and reaches for some papers while Chello snaps his fingers at one of their buddies who is standing near the door. “My daughter and you will sign this form to commit to one another and she will stay with you from here on out.”

Motherfucker. This thing is going from bad to worse and there’s not a thing I can do to change it.

“I thought you guys were all about keeping your women innocent and pure and all until the wedding.” I chuckle and add, “I might not be able to wait until the wedding night to make her mine,” to make a joke about the whole thing.

I’m also trying to add an underlying warning in the hopes he’ll keep the girl until the wedding and it’ll give me time to bring these criminals down before there’s so much as the sound of wedding bells.

“Different circumstances,” Fabriso says with an edge to his words. “My daughter doesn’t have any virtue left to give and with you not being mafia but a president of a motorcycle club, I would assume it wouldn’t be a problem. There’s nothing wrong with her, just a little timid and shy but it would be good to give her a change of scenery.”

I’m sensing there’s something about the daughter. There isn’t a picture out there of her after the age of fourteen; it’s as if she became a hermit from that day forward. Knowing the background of her father, I’m guessing something might have happened to her.

Him mentioning my function makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end by the way he’s throwing a woman at a man he doesn’t know at all. Well, other than keeping his merchandise safe in transport from one place to the other. It’s clear where this fucker’s priorities lie.

I hear the door open behind us when I tell the fucker, “I don’t care if my future wife is a virgin or not, everyone has a past and it’s safe to say mine isn’t spotless either.”

Fabriso chuckles while the scent of vanilla, the kind you smell when someone is baking a cake, enters my nose when someone takes a seat beside me.

“Rosemaria I have found you a husband. Spence Lawson and you will be married within three weeks. Sign on the dotted line. I will have your bags packed and delivered to you by tomorrow. I’m sure Spence will accommodate whatever you need for tonight when he takes you home with him. Besides, a well-stocked kitchen and a bed to sleep in and you’ll have everything your heart desires.”

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