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Three Tainted Teas (Kitchen Witch Mysteries #3)
Author: Lynn Cahoon




Throwing a magical wedding is hard enough without adding in a killer who doesn’t want the wedding to occur. So when I started writing this, I thought about the things I would want in a big first wedding. Especially if my imagination was the limit. Thanks for my readers who took a chance on a magical cozy and fell in love with Mia and the gang. My ongoing thanks to Esi Sogah for her belief in my stories, and to Jill Marsal for her support and guidance.




“Transmogrify. To transform in a magical or surprising manner.” Christina Adams set down her English language textbook from her class and reached out to pet Mr. Darcy, who was purring on her lap. “Dude, you were part of a transmogrification?”

Mia Malone looked up from the cookbook she’d been flipping through. One of the bonuses about having Christina in school was that she had access to the college’s library in Twin Falls, along with the larger library system in Boise. Christina brought home several different cookbooks every week. And because Christina was in the hospitality /culinary program, they had a lot of interesting and unusual options. Currently, Mia was reading a book that claimed to have recipes that had been brought over on the Mayflower. But if that had been true, she didn’t think the library would have it in general circulation. “Are you trying to increase your vocabulary?”

“Yeah, the professor gives us a list of words every week. Then we have to find the definition and use it in a sentence. Bonus points if we can modify it.” She pulled back her currently electric-blue hair into a clip. “Don’t worry, I won’t rat out Mr. Darcy as being a human/cat hybrid. I’ll probably use it with those brownies we made yesterday. They were so good, they were magical.”

Mia crossed up her legs underneath her, going back to scanning the roast duck recipe. “I’m not worried about you outing my magical side. One, who would believe you besides someone in Magic Springs, and most of them already know. And two, Mr. Darcy isn’t a human/cat hybrid. He’s a cat with a human soul trapped inside. It’s a technicality, but a hybrid is a result of two things mating. Mr. Darcy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Mr. Darcy opened one eye and glared at Mia across the room.

“And Grans hasn’t figured out a way to get him out, yet,” Mia added, hoping the addition would calm the feline. She checked her watch. “I can’t believe it’s after eleven. What are you doing here with me on a Saturday night? Is Levi working?”

“He’s got night shifts all week. Bethanie was having dinner with a friend from the coven who’s getting married. Bethanie is her maid of honor.” Christina set the book on the table and rubbed Mr. Darcy’s ears. “But you should hear how Bethanie talks about her. I’m beginning to think she must say horrible things about me when I’m not around. I don’t know why this girl would ask her to be in her wedding.”

“Sometimes people don’t realize that the way they treat others will catch up to them.” Mia wasn’t one of Bethanie’s biggest fans, but she wasn’t Christina’s mother either, thank the Goddess. She was just her friend and her boss. “Who is getting married? I’m surprised I haven’t heard about the catering for the reception.”

“The wedding planner decided the Lodge would be a better fit for catering. I don’t think she even asked for a proposal from us.” Christina yawned and stood, putting Mr. Darcy back down on the chair. “I’m going to bed. I’m glad Bethanie couldn’t go out tonight. I don’t think I could have kept my eyes open after today’s event. I didn’t even know they had a spring Mother’s Day tea here in Magic Springs.”

Mia didn’t look up from the recipe. “Grans has been the chairman for years. I really need to send her a bunch of flowers, or maybe just stock her freezer again with some made-for-one meals. She’s been getting us a ton of bookings lately.”

“Well, she’s introducing you to the right people. Your food is getting the bookings. Even Bethanie said that Amethyst’s planner was stupid going with the Lodge. Mia’s Morsels is becoming the go-to catering business in Magic Springs.” Christina picked up her book and strolled out of the living room. “Talk to you in the morning. I’m going to call Levi and say good night.”

Levi Majors was a local EMT and Christina’s boyfriend. They’d had a few issues last year, but now they were solid. Mia figured they’d start talking about marriage once Christina finished school and decided where to look for work. Levi had stayed in town so far for the skiing, but Mia had a feeling he’d follow Christina to the Arizona desert if he had to. The boy was in love.

Mr. Darcy jumped off the chair and hurried after Christina. Alone, Mia glanced over at the gas fireplace. Early May wasn’t a time for hot summer temperature in the Idaho mountains, especially at night. Mia snapped her fingers and the fire roared to life. She cuddled back into her chair. Sitting reading next to a roaring fire was a perfect way to spend an evening. Maybe she should make some cocoa too.

Her musing was interrupted by the front doorbell ringing. She stood and glanced at the display. Bethanie stood there looking into the camera. Mia buzzed her inside and opened the apartment door. It would take Bethanie at least a minute to get up the three flights of stairs. Mia went and knocked on Christina’s door.

“Come in,” Christina called.

Mia opened the door but stayed out in the hallway. “Bethanie’s here.”

“What?” Christina stood and spoke into her phone. “Levi, I’ll call you back. Bethanie just showed up.”

Christina walked past Mia and went straight to the doorway to greet her friend. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, my Goddess. Christina, you won’t believe what I just found out.” Bethanie plopped down on the couch, her silver, sparkling dress and black leather boots making her look like she should be at a holiday party, not a girls’ night out. “Amethyst’s cousin isn’t going to be able to attend the wedding. She’s got her med school graduation or something stupid like that the same weekend, so she needs someone’s who’s a size four to replace her. So guess what?”

Christina shut the door behind Bethanie and then sat back on the chair she’d just vacated. She glanced at Mia when she saw the fire, but then focused back on her friend. “Okay, what?”

“You’re going to be in the wedding with me! Isn’t that the best? You’ll love her. She’s so much fun. She was part of Kappa Si when I attended U of I before I lost my funding. The dresses she picked out are from a new designer out of New York. You’re going to love it. And Tok’s groomsmen are all to die for.” Bethanie bounced on the couch. “This is going to be the party of the year.”

Mia picked up the cookbook from her chair and nodded to Christina. “I’m heading to my room. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Christina nodded, but even from a distance Mia could see she wasn’t happy about being a replacement bridesmaid for a woman she’d never even met. Oh, the joys of being friends with someone who just didn’t get the friendship part of being friends. Bethanie always had her own agenda, even when she told you it was all about you.

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