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His Sassy Little
Author: L.G. Knight




Three Years Ago

Arabella Wright–she’d have to get used to that name–made her way through the night, jumping at every shadow or sound. She didn’t think he was behind her, but she wasn’t taking any chances. She’d spent too long planning this. The last thing she needed was to let her guard down and be caught. Reaching the bus station, she knew where she planned to go. She’d validate the decoy ticket under her old name, and then purchase a new ticket to freedom.

Once the bus to Idaho left–the one that she was supposed to be on–she made her way to the bathroom. It was still a bit strange to see herself as a brunette. It looked good with her coloring, at least. Her green eyes stood out more, and the new, short bob made her face look slimmer. If she had to make a change, at least it was a flattering one. She adjusted her ball cap back on her head and zipped her winter coat. It hid her figure quite well. She was fairly certain that no one would recognize her.

She headed to the ticket booth and purchased a one-way ticket to a sleepy little town in southeast Texas. No way would he find her there. The one time she’d heard the town mentioned, he hadn’t been around. She had no friends or family there, unlike in Idaho. He’d naturally assume she was as stupid as he always claimed her to be–that she’d head straight for family. That suited her just fine. She had no problem sending him on a wild goose chase.

Still watching everything around her, carefully avoiding any security cameras, she waited for her turn to board. She had no luggage to stow, only a backpack filled with her most treasured items, two changes of clothes, and all the cash she’d managed to hide from him over the last two years. Some might wonder what she’d ever seen in him, but no one would wonder why she’d left.



Chapter One



Present Day

Tanner “Spike” Dawson was heading back to his assignment. He’d taken a detour to be sure his buddy Stone’s woman was safe and to keep Stone from going rogue to get to her. He was glad Sapphire was okay, but he wasn’t looking forward to following the shitbag he’d been assigned to watch. It was needed to keep the woman they’d rescued safe but that didn’t mean he liked it. The guy hadn’t left the house the whole time Tanner had been watching him. He wasn’t certain if Brian Preston even cared that his wife had taken off.

Tanner was lost in his thoughts and almost missed it. When he saw it, he did a double take. Sure as shit, there was a woman standing on the railing of the bridge. Narrowly missing the railing himself, he squealed to a stop and leapt from his bike, rushing over to the woman. She made a sight standing there, the wind whipping her blond waves, sending some strands into her face. She had tears running down her cheeks and was tightly gripping one of the bridge support posts. Below her, the water of the creek rushed, high from recent rainfall. It was almost certainly too far for her to survive if she fell…or jumped.

He spoke softly, hoping not to startle her in her precarious position. “Miss, I was wondering if you could use a bit of help?”

“No, I…” He lost the rest of her words when she faced him, and his eyes met her brilliant green ones.

He’d never seen green eyes like hers, so bright and light and clear they seemed to jump from her face. Tanner rubbed his chest when he felt a strange sensation there. Jesus, she was so beautiful.

“What’s your name?” He had to know; he wasn’t sure why it was so important, but it suddenly was.

“I’m fine. Just looking at the view.”

That wasn’t what he’d asked and he was absolutely positive she hadn’t been just looking at the view. He decided to play along, though.

“It’s not really much of a view. I can show you some better ones. I just need you to come down first. You’re making me a bit nervous up there. I’m scared of heights.” He wasn’t really. He was more scared of her falling. “I’m Tanner. Tanner Dawson. People call me Spike. You can take your pick. What should I call you?”

She sighed deeply, as if he were inconveniencing her by asking, and he supposed he was. He wasn’t sorry about it. “Arabella.”

“It’s a beautiful name.” He took a step closer.

“Thanks.” She didn’t seem to mind him moving closer so he inched forward again.

“Have you ever ridden on a bike before?” He gestured to his motorcycle behind him.

“No.” She shook her head, nearly losing her balance.

“Would you like to?” Another step closer.

“With you?” She gaped at him with one brow raised.

“Well, I thought maybe you’d enjoy it.” He’d always found the open road to be therapeutic and freeing. Tanner figured Arabella probably needed that. He wondered if she might also need a keeper. For some strange reason, he wanted to apply for the position.

“We’re strangers. I don’t know you.”

“Let’s be real here. I know you aren’t looking at the view and since I know that, I also know what you’re planning to do. So what do you have to lose?” He hoped he hadn’t pushed too far but he needed to get her off that railing before his racing heart exploded.

“I suppose you’re right, Tanner,” she said and flashed him the most brilliant of smiles. “You seem the type who’s all too eager to help a girl out. How about a hand down so you can take me for a ride.”

Tanner had never moved so fast in his life. He had her off the railing in seconds. As his hands circled her waist, he couldn’t help but think a ride on his bike wasn’t the only ride he’d like to give her. He pushed that thought to the very, very back of his mind as he admonished himself for being a dick. She didn’t need that from him. “Well, Arabella, how about that ride?”

She took a deep, shuddering breath before saying, “Lead the way, big guy.”


It hadn’t taken long to go over all the basics and for Tanner to find himself wrapped up in a pretty little blonde who smelled inexplicably of cherries. Tanner’s body was tingling everywhere she touched, his thoughts were racing with what might’ve happened, and his cock was busy ignoring every stern warning he tried to send it.

This woman was obviously troubled and needed a friend, not a horny bastard trying to get in her pants. The problem was he didn’t have any friends who were women. He hardly bothered to get a name from most of the women he met, and they were generally out of his life by morning. He didn’t know where to start with the whole ‘being a friend’ thing. All he really knew was that he’d do whatever it took to keep her from ending up back on that railing. He drove around town for a while, pointing out views as they went. There weren’t really any spectacular sights in this area, but Arabella made noises that he felt more than heard, and squeezed him just a bit tighter in acknowledgement.

They’d seen the whole town and for some reason, Tanner was still reluctant to let her out of his sight. He told himself he was just worried about her safety, but he knew that was a lie. He was intrigued by her and wanted to know more. Where was she from? He didn’t recognize her. Tanner knew almost everyone in town and had at least seen the rest. There was no way she was from Lilton. So, why was she here? How long had she been here? And why had she been on that bridge?

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